Noblesville Window Replacements, Door Replacements and Siding
Noblesville Window Replacements, Door Replacements and Siding
Leising Home Improvements, LLC

Noblesville Window Installations and Repairs

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Why choose Leising Home Improvements, LLC for Door Installations?

Whether you require the replacement of a patio or storm door, a new front entrance, glass inserts or additional hardware, Leising Home Improvements, LLC provides experienced installation services for any exterior, interior or specialty doors in Noblesville and surrounding areas.

Fully licensed and insured, our skilled technicians install:

  • Sliding doors
  • Revolving doors
  • Handicap access doors
  • Automatic doors
  • Screen doors
  • Storm doors
  • Glass doors
  • Wood doors
  • Steel or aluminum doors
  • French doors
  • Pet doors
  • Custom doors

What can I expect from a Leising Home Improvements, LLC door installation?

The installation process starts with an in-house pre-scheduled visit at your Noblesville home or place of business to discuss the project, take measurements and provide a free cost estimate. Following an inspection of the project area, the existing doors are removed and installation begins with the professional application of insulation, caulk, trim and essential hardware. Deadbolt and lock fittings are also provided. Throughout the process Leising Home Improvements, LLC maintains the highest standards for cleanliness and work safety. Once the door or entry system installation is complete, technicians perform a thorough inspection that is subject to each client’s final approval. Questions or concerns are encouraged.

Call (317) 428-7330 for more information about installing doors and entrance systems in Noblesville and surrounding areas.

Do it yourself door installation tips

  • Precise measurements are essential. Larger doors require bigger frames for adequate support. Smaller doors need sufficient exterior framing.
  • Check weather-stripping several times a year and make prompt repairs.
  • Select the proper hardware. Successful door installation requires careful consideration of the many options from appropriate hinges to dependable locks.

Contact the Leising Home Improvements, LLC experts for more tips!